Where Does the Time Go? It Goes Everywhere but the Laptop

I keep trying to find time to write, and I have to say I’ve never found it this hard.

Between work, class and just plain family time, it has become difficult to carve out time to sit down and write. I used to be great about forcing myself to type at least one sentence per day, but since I allowed life to get the best of me, I’ve completely fallen behind.

It’s frustrating.

I would like to vow at this moment to sit down and type every day, but I don’t think that’s going to happen for at least another month. I have a national competition coming up in one month, and that means training, training and more training. I’m taking the time I would normally write and spending it kicking pads, practicing my form and kicking other people whenever I can.

I’ve been asked over and over again how I find time to write, and in past years I’ve answered with a variety of things – I take my laptop with me and write when I have a few minutes; I find 15-minute gaps in the day and dedicate those minutes to typing.

I need to start taking my own advice and doing those things again.

Nationals is a month away. My nerves are causing me all kinds of grief. Maybe I should just turn off the television, click out of Facebook and get work. I might find it soothing.

Wish me luck.

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  1. I do indeed wish you luck. It’s never easy to find the time to write with so many other things going on in life. Don’t beat yourself up over it – it’s okay to take time out. The words will still be there when you come back.

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